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 About Primecell  - Who is Primecell ?

We are listed at D&B as Cunard Associates Inc. located in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

The division dealing with rechargeable products is called Primecell.

The company is a small, privately owned corporation.  We have been involved with the rechargeable battery business since 1986.

We qualify as a small, woman owned business.  Sandy is the owner - manager - and she allows us to work for her.

Our size grants us the flexibility to deal with even the smallest of customers (one battery at a time), or the largest ( In the world ).

We operate as a mail order service company, and have no store front to visit, which minimizes our overhead cost. 

We are located in the foothills of the Allegheny mountains, in South Central Pennsylvania, we love it here, as have the five generations who passed before us.

Our rebuilding service has often been renowned as "better than new".

We consider our skills of our craft, and the quality of our product, to be the lasting evidence of our life's work. 

If a task is considered worth while - we believe that it must be done well, or not done at all. 

Our equipment is of the best design, and made by reputable manufacturers.  All of our  equipment is maintained to be in perfect condition, and in adequate quantity, for immediate business expansion when required.

We have developed many proprietary methods and process' that are unique to our business.

These methods and specialized equipment, allow the opening of the battery cases, the replacement of internal components,  and the sealing of the cases to perform and appear to be as good as new.

There have been instances of customers who have received the serviced product - and immediately call us to report that we could not have opened the case. 

Once they learn that it has truly been serviced, and experience the performance which works better than new - the question is always ... how do you do that?

It is our pleasure to hear the remark, and our duty to decline any comment.  Requests to see the operation or to learn of the processes employed are politely refused.

Our satisfied customer list includes: AT&T,  NASA, GE Motor Division, Paragon Cable, TCI, All American Pipeline, Caterpillar, Lufkin, and many others.

It also includes literally thousands of individuals, Hams, Paramedics, Fire Departments, American Red Cross,  Construction Contractors, and Municipal law enforcement departments.   The value of Amateur Radio is appreciated (KB3TR), so we understand the needs and interests of the Ham.

We have compiled rebuild specifications for over 1000 different battery applications, and the list just keeps getting larger every day.

We like what we do, and look forward to serving your needs. 

Give us a try, it is our intention to make you a happy customer.

Primecell Service Team.


Meet J.P.   Senior Technician - Master Craftsman

It has been our honor to have worked with J.P. for over 20 years.  He has proven on many occasions, that just about anything is possible if you are willing to put forth the time and effort required.

As living proof that we really do exist, we recently released this photograph.  It has been included in a magazine article about Primecell, and how our customers benefit from our service.  See magazine articles



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