Battery Rebuilding with Upgrades for Surveying and Scientific Instruments

All brand name batteries.  Primecell offers rebuilding with capacity upgrades for many scientific and surveying instruments.  If your battery is not listed, request a quotation.
Rebuild Service   Includes testing and replacement of all critical components    We use only the highest quality components and add protective devices to improve upon the original designs.  Your own battery case is serviced and returned to you.  Minor case repair is included in our prices.  Additional costs are never applied without your prior consent.
Capacity upgrades   There have been huge gains in the capacity of rechargeable cells, and they continue to improve. Primecell rebuild service includes high capacity upgrades.  We have developed conversions that use High Capacity NiMh cells & upgrade obsolete equipment to state of the art technology.
Cell Technology   We use only the highest quality cells available for the application.  We sample and test all brands and sources.  We are presently using cells from Japan, S. Korea, and China. Do not be threatened by the claim that only certain brands are good.   That was true 10 years ago .. It is not correct today.  We have been in the battery rebuild business for over 20 years.  It is our job to find the best product for use in your equipment.  If we do not consider it to be Higher Quality than the factory original - we will not build it, or put the Primecell name on it.
Charging   All Primecell upgrades may be charged with any of the chargers supplied for use with the original battery.  When necessary this is facilitated by the addition of protection devices within the battery.  
Competitive Prices   We have been rebuilding all types of batteries for over 20 years.  We know the costs and the service required - we also know that many shops have joined forces to keep the prices out of reason.  If you ask why - they explain all the bad things that will happen if you pay less - maybe the sky will  fall on you?  Our customers are either very brave - or well informed  -  they are also very happy with our service.



Quality workmanship.   Quality work is a family tradition.  Primecell is owned by Cunard Associates Inc.   The gentleman who seems to be looking over our web pages, was the First of four generations of Cunard Surveyors.  Visit the Old Photo Album to see others. We understand the demands of engineering professionals.  It is an honor to be associated with Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers ~ of all ages and eras.

Warranty: 12 months (1 year )   Our warranty on surveying batteries begins with the ship date and extends to a full 12 months.  For the first 30 days, if you are not happy with the product - you may request a return for service.   We will rebuild it a no charge, or remove the cells and give you a full refund. (Our choice).   For 90 days, battery failure due to the workmanship is repaired free of charge.  Cell performance:  If there is a problem with performance of the cells,  the battery must be sent to us for examination and testing.   If the cells have  been damaged by charging with other than the original equipment, or by water damage, or impact, or other improper use; the failure is not covered by this warranty.   If 70% of the cell capacity cannot be achieved by charge-discharge cycling -  we will rebuild the battery at a cost equal to the prorated value of the full cost of rebuild service for that item.    The following examples illustrate the formula for charges:   For the first 90 days Primecell will pay a maximum of 75% of the cost of rebuild service.   After 90 days Primecell pays 75% Customer pays 25%   ~   After 180 days Primecell pays 50%  Customer pays 50%  ~  After 330 days Primecell pays 10% Customer pays 90%   ~  After 365 days the warranty is expired.    This warranty is limited to the battery.  It does not include repair of products that the battery is connected to, or used in conjunction with.  This warranty does not include refund of any shipping charges.  Requests for Warranty Return Authorization may be made by email to or by telephone to 814 623 7000.

Standard Process Time:   Our standard process provides a turn around time of approximately 5 business days from the date the battery arrives for servicing.   Return shipment time is dependent upon your proximity to our location.  All shipments are returned by UPS Ground service. 

Express Process Time:   Expedited turn around time of  24 hours and 48 Hours is available at an additional charge - per battery - per order.  Return shipment is by  UPS 1 day - 2 day - or 3 day service.  Shipping charges are applied to your UPS account or prepaid using Visa or Mastercard.   Express time must be pre-approved by Primecell and total charges accepted by you, prior to battery service.  Visit this page for details:


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