"Rechargeable Battery Service"

Why you should consider Rechargeable Battery Service 

If the time has come - to replace the batteries for your rechargeable electronics - - - - -Don't pitch em'       Send them to PRIMECELL   - -  for rebuild service that includes improved performance at reduced cost.    We make them work like they should.

Think about this for a minute.   For years, electronics designers, have viewed the battery, as a way to make you reliant upon their company for "high profit battery replacements"

Marketing plans focus on these design objectives:

"Limited life batteries"    Cells are selected based upon profit margin - to provide good "short term service" This is guaranteed to make you come back soon.  You will be in the market for a new battery replacement long before the product is dirty.

"Low capacity packs"  Battery pack cases are often configured to provide space for larger cells.  That makes them large in appearance - but what is inside the case is often small cells and plastic spacers.   Once you buy the product - you are already in the market for a larger capacity battery pack - it's available - in the same size case - and at twice the price.

"Optional higher capacities available"  At even higher prices.  This is designed to sell you an Xtra capacity battery option - Extra capacity ?  When did that ever happen ?

"Design restrictive packaging"  Did you ever notice that there are no other battery packs that will fit your product?    This is by design - to eliminate alternative battery sources.

"Proprietary internal components"  To make absolutely certain that you cannot just use any old battery - many products are designed so that the battery contains a proprietary component - it is required to enable the charger work.  This means that you must use only their batteries and only their chargers - It's a "double gotcha".

"Extremely high priced replacements"  Now that you own the product - and have nowhere else to turn - you can buy as many new packs from the manufacturer as you can afford.  You can be sure that the price is based upon very high profit margins.  The virtues of buying spare battery packs is always in the sales literature.

"Planned obsolescence"   Remember this, when you are in the market for a new  battery pack.  If your product is 3 to 5 years old, it is very likely that any original equipment battery pack you purchase, is already 3 to 5 years old (even when offered as "new".)     The batteries are usually made during the original production cycle for any specific design.  They don't keep making batteries after style changes.  Once there are no more replacements, you are thought to be in the market for another product - the latest design - and ... you guessed it ... No - your old battery won't fit the new product.

It is a certainty that these well laid plans have cost you money and frustration. 


So ... How is Primecell any different ?

 We don't want to sell you a new battery!

If you need an additional battery, we will offer a new one.

But, only as a means to provide future rebuild service.

We will install new cells into your original packs.

We want to fix what you have already paid for.

We improve capacity to exceed the original.

We fix what cannot be found or afforded.

We provide extended life to equipment.

We provide quick turn around service.

We care about quality and workmanship.

We dispose of the old cells by recycling them.

We give you a 30 day, free replacement warranty.

( If you don't like it - we don't want you to keep it. )

We offer quotes with free return if our quote is refused.

We do all this for less than the cost of a new battery pack.

 We want you to save money - and get a better product.

Primecell offers a variety of new NiCd and NiMh batteries for electronics equipment.      But .......   We specialize in battery rebuilding.

Visit our page to learn more about what types of batteries we rebuild, what battery rebuilding includes - and how we can save your time and money.   For information about your battery requirements, use our option, request a , or send email to info@primecell.com

Tell us what your battery is used for, the model number, the type of cells, and what voltage and capacity is marked on the battery or case. Your request will receive prompt attention,  and we will promptly e-mail our reply.  It costs too much call - email it.  Our average email response time is less than 12 hours.

PRIMECELL -  Division of CUNARD ASSOCIATES Inc. We have provided consumers with reliable high-performance solutions to rechargeable battery requirements since 1986.


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