"Locating your battery - or Service options"

How do I find a replacement - or price to rebuild my battery ? 

You can find the battery by using our manufacturers index.

  are listed by the type of battery pack (radio, power tools etc.)

Follow the link for the name of the manufacturer of the equipment.   On that page, find the manufacturer's battery number, or identify the battery by it's type (NiCd or NIMH) and the power rating. (Volts and MAH capacity)

If we offer a new replacement battery, it will be listed with our part number.  When corresponding with us about the battery, please include the Primecell battery number if one is listed.

New replacement batteries are no longer available for many items. This is one of several reasons why rebuilding your old battery packs is the best option.

If you cannot find pages that list your battery, try the option.  List the name of the battery manufacturer, or the equipment name or model number.  If there is a reference to any of these words within the Primecell website you will be directed to those pages.

If a search does not find a reference page  - use our form.  Provide as much information as you can, we will respond by email, with information regarding your battery application.



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