How to send your battery for rebuilding



Our quoted prices are to rebuild your original equipment.  We do not offer (or stock) rebuilt batteries for sale.

All of our customers may be assured that they will get their own original battery case returned to them.  We only rebuild the customers equipment.  Here is how to do it:

Its as easy as saying  Hello ! to the postal carrier.

First - locate the information, and pricing, to service your battery pack ... see  ""  for help in finding a page that includes your battery pack.

If you are unable to find your pack - or have questions about what can be done with the battery (upgrades etc.) - request a quotation by filling out the form available here: .    

Answers to some of the most frequent questions are addressed here ""

Once you have the information needed to proceed with sending the battery pack to us -  a printer friendly form is available here:    Fill out the form and enclose it in the package with your batteries. 

It is not necessary to tell us in advance, that you are sending a battery - however if you wish to do so - use the and click on the button " Send to Primecell".  We will reply with a confirmation that your order form is on record.

Package the batteries in anything suitable for shipment by US mail - use priority mail for 3 day shipment - or parcel post ( 5 to 7 days).  If you prefer UPS or FEDEX ground service we accept all shipments at the same address:

PRIMECELL Division,  Cunard Associates Inc., 9343 US RT 220,  Bedford, PA  15522-6215

Enclose a copy of the order form, and payment by personal check, money order, PayPal (enclose a copy of your PayPal receipt), or include your Visa or Mastercard information in the package.

If you have had any difficulty in the above .. at this point ...  just click here to ;   "ask for help"

We reply by email in less than 24 hours.

Before you ask for help ... please read the standard reply form that follows below; it is similar to the reply you will receive - perhaps it will answer you questions  ?


 Battery Rebuild Service  

Rechargeable Batteries - we make them work like they should.

Thank you for your email:  The information you have requested is as follows:

  Battery   Notes  Volts - Capacity (mAh) Price to rebuild 
Your Pack
  You may use your original chargers with this battery.

You may use your original chargers with any of our rebuilt batteries.
If we have quoted your battery using NiMh cells - Please note; that we add thermal switching to the battery pack, so that you may use your original chargers with larger capacity NiMh cells. 
See charging notes at the end of this email.

Shipping cost
Click here for shipping prices

Six percent sales tax must be added to the total amount, for any items that we must ship to a Pennsylvania address.

If you are sending batteries for service - present turn around time is 10 days after we receive your batteries with payment.  

Send batteries for rebuilding along with a copy of this email, and payment by check or visa or mastercard information to: 

Primecell Div.
Cunard Associates, Inc.
9343 US RT 220
Bedford, PA  15522

Telephone recorder / and fax 24 hours a day  at 1-814 623 7000. 
Our recorder is private and secure.  It is a safe way to provide your Visa or Mastercard information.  Have your card and order information ready when you call.  All messages received by this machine are guaranteed to remain secure, and we never release information to anyone. 

Or your may send your credit card info to us via Fax sent to 814 285 3203   Our fax machine is private and absolutely secure.

Payment by E-mail to Secure transfer of  credit card information is used by sending 2 messages, with only a portion of the Visa or Mastercard card number in each message.   We will reassemble the information and notify you after it has been securely received.

We also offer credit card payment to our account at    
Make payments to the account email name
Print a copy of the payment and enclose it with your shipment of batteries to us.

Credit terms can be arranged for Company Purchase Orders, subject to approval of financial information, and references from 3 suppliers.  This usually takes longer than the time to provide rebuild service, and is not offered for any order of less than $ 500.00.

We guarantee your privacy, and consider any information from you as confidential, so we never share or sell information to anyone.

To control the frustration and costs associated with phone tag messages, or phone solicitation, we suggest email to as the best method of communicating   We do not call customers, to make sales, confirm quotes, to obtain credit card information, or for any other reason, unless request to do so.

Our rebuilds are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quoted specifications - all rebuilds are fully warranted for 30 days from the date of shipment. Full 12 month warranty service is provided for selected equipment.

Items we are presently offering on Ebay may be seen by using search for
eBay Items - See current auctions

More info may be available at our Frequently Asked Questions page  at our website,


Notes about our High capacity NiCd and NiMh rebuilds

The battery is not charged when you receive it.

The cells may be much larger in capacity that those originally used.
If the battery has been converted from NiCd to NiMh
it is common to see 2 to 3 times as much operating time.

If using an over night (16 Hr ) charger - Charge it at least 24 hours for a maximum charge.  Remove it after charging.

If using a smart (quick) charger allow it to finish charging. 
The first time the battery is quick charged - it may not be full.  This is normal with NiMh cells - when they are new - they must be activated by 2 to 3 charge cycles ( charge and discharge ) After activation, they will reach maximum capacity with a normal quick charge.

Over charging ( until hot ) is prevented by the addition of thermal switching which we install with all NiCd to NiMh conversions. You do not have to worry about leaving the battery on the charger - however ... you must understand that
excessive charging ( without discharging ) will result in shorter product life.

If the battery feels warm to the touch, it is very likely that the thermal switch has already activated to prevent over heating.  The battery may appear to be defective when over heated.  Allow an hour for the cells to cool. Once the thermal protection resets, the battery will work normally.  It is fully charged and ready for use.

Do not leave it on the charger - unless you are going to use it every day.

Once removed from the charger;
The battery will self discharge as much as 1% per day.
After 30 days it will have 70 % charge left - a full charge can be restored in 8 hours.
After 90 days it will have only 10 % charge left - a 24 hour charge must be performed before use.

When use of the appliance reveals that the battery is low -  Do not continue to further discharge it. 
If the unit is left on after the battery is low - this can cause deep discharge, and may result in permanent damage to the cells.

For other user information follow the original owners manual - and substitute 24 hours for the 14 to 16 hour charge time.




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